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Understanding LED Technology

LEDs may be little, but new high-brightness models are producing a considerable amount of light.

First used as status and indicator lamps, and more recently in under-shelf illumination, accent lighting, and directional marking applications, high-brightness LEDs have emerged within the last six years. But only recently have they been seriously looked upon as a feasible option in general purpose lighting applications. Before you recommend or install this type of lighting system, you should understand the basic technology upon which these devices are based.
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By Joe Knisley, Senior Editorial Consultant

發光二極管 Light-emitting diode

發光二極體 (Light-emitting diode, LED) 是一種半導體元件。初時多用作為指示燈、顯示板等;隨著白光發光二極管的出現,也被用作照明。它是21世紀的新型光源,具有效率高、壽命長、不易破損等傳統光源無法與之比較的優點。加正向電壓時,發光二極體能發出單色、不連續的光,這是電致發光效應的一種。改變所採用的半導體材料的化學組成成分,可使發光二極體發出在近紫外線、可見光或紅外線的光。

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